Saturday, May 30, 2009

For real, though, they're so much better

I guess I'm starting this blog because I got in an argument with my bro James of Zeta Etta Theta and he was all like "Bro, visor's are no good for anyone" and I was all like "Are you serious bro? Why would you say that, thats mad retarded."

James doesn't understand because he's a huge douche and a big fan of "regular" caps, like his douche Yankees cap. MAn, fuck the yankees.

But anyway I hope to shed some light today on why I fucking love visors and why they're so much better than regular caps. I'll start off by saying that for one thing visors don't fuck up your hair, and when you wear the spikes like me its hella important to keep that shit tight. Visors then let me protect my eyes and face from the harmful rays of the sun but they also let me keep my spikes and let me show them off.

It's all about the hair spikes am I right?


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